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      Getting your diploma is easier, faster, and more within reach than you probably think.

      The length, format and other details of programs do vary by school board, so contact your local program directly with any questions.

      Enter your postal code on the map above. When you find the program that is close to you, click on the school link for more details or contact them directly with the info provided.

      The Ontario Government is funding program costs and offering a stipend (payment) for work placements when students start a program before March 2023. If this offer ends in 2023, most program fees will still be less than $2,000. School board PSW programs are much more affordable than programs at public or private colleges.

      Yes! You do not need your high school diploma to get your PSW certificate through a school board program. However, many employers and college programs require an OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma). A school board PSW program is the perfect opportunity to earn your high school and a career certificate at the same time.

      You can earn your OSSD along with your PSW through a three-step process that makes it easier for you. 

        1. Our schools can award you high school credits through PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) for your work and life experience.
        2. Some of the courses you take for PSW can also apply to your high school.
        3. Finally, you can take any additional credits you need at the same school. 


      Yes! In some cases, PSW courses are also prerequisites for college and university programs in health care. Since PSW programs are run through schools that also have adult high school programs, you can take any additional course you need, like Grade 12 Biology or Chemistry.

      Your previous health care experience may apply towards your PSW certificate through PSWRAS, (Personal Support Worker Recognition and Advanced Standing). Contact your local program for more details.

      Check your local school program in the map above to see if there are part-time, evening or accelerated options in your area.

      Yes! School board programs have a classroom lab component and multiple work placements in a variety of settings such as community care and long-term care. Classroom labs are well-equipped to give students hands-on experience before their placements.

      Some programs have “Living Classrooms” – courses that are run right in a long-term care home.

      Yes! School board PSW programs follow the training standards set out by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities, as well as the requirements from the Ministry of Health. They must also meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education, making them of high quality and highly professional. All programs must undergo a Quality Assurance process, ensuring excellence in PSW training.

      Yes! Employers seek out school board grads because the programs are highly regarded. Students are often hired even before they graduate.

      Oui, il existe deux programmes PSSP en français à Ottawa et à Hawkesbury, près de la frontière québécoise.

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